Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Bible: Episode 4

My opinions haven't changed much from the previous three episodes.

Episode four follows the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John) from the beginning of Jesus' teachings and his first confrontations with the Pharisees.

  1. Jesus spoke very slowly.  I almost felt like someone was reading the actor's lines to him on the set.  This is an error in direction.
  2. Again, much was left out.  And again, there were a few places where lines could have been used from the Bible and not detracted from the time limitations.  For example, when Jesus is arrested, Peter slices Malchus' ear off with a sword.  In one of the Gospels, Jesus calms Peter down and says, "Do you not know that I can summon and army of angels."  This draws attention to Jesus' devotino to God and to his mission on earth -- and only takes about 5 seconds.
  3. The storm sequence on the inland sea was changed.  Peter does fall into the water and Jesus does pull him out.  But the Gospels indicate that Peter walked on water with Jesus help.  The mini-series almost implied that the entire scene was a dream sequence for Peter.
  4. I'm beginning to wonder abou the overall production process on this mini-series.  I believe that Downey and Burnett (producers) aren't the type to conciously make a limited film.  I wonder what restrictions they worked under.
There was one positive aspect to the production.  The added scenes that demonstrated the Roman's attitudes toward conquered nations.  In particular, the Broken Cart scene with Pontius Pilate and the references to "putting down rebellions".  It explains the overall desire of the Israelites to have a War Champion like David or the Macabees come to their rescue.

Are you enjoying the Bible mini-series?  Do you have any questionns regarding the material?  Let me know.

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