Monday, March 18, 2013

The Bible (Episode 3)

Good evening,

As we have discussed before, a project of this size will require editiing out portions of the original stories.  In Episode 3 of The Bible, the following items were skipped.
  1. The entire life of Solomon
  2. The death of Solomon's father King David
  3. The ensuing civil war upon King David's death
  4. The division of Israel into two separate kingdoms (Israel & Judah)
  5. All but one of the kings in the books of 1st Kings and 2nd Kings
I'm not listing these omissions as a criticism.  Instead, I want to pique your interest so that you read the Bible on your own.

There were, however, a few changes that were puzzling in the mini-series.

First, Daniel - in exile - interprets Nebuchadnezzar's dream.  In the mini-series, Daniel only talked of a single statue.  In the Book of Daniel, There are three statues, each with a different attribute and each one prophesying a different empire.

Second, the baptism of Jesus.  Immediately after Jesus is raised from the water by John the Baptist, the director takes a long shot at the sky - but that's all.  In the book, the heaven's are split open, a dove appears, and the voice of God is heard, "This is my Son, in whom I am well pleased."

Third, the death of John the Baptist.  In the mini-series, Pontius Pilate flies into a rage and decapitates John.  In the Books, it is the wife of Pontius Pilate who conives to have John executed.  Thus, in the mini-series, Pilate appears to be much more evil than he really was.

In each of these trhee instances, it would have been possible to show the entire scene without sacrificing air time.  I find this slightly strange.

It would also seem that the mini-series is mainly dedicated to the life of Christ.  The Holy Bible is about 2/3'rds Old Testament and 1/3'rd New Testament. 

Please let me know your opinion.


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