Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Purchasing 101

So, a friend of the family purchases a new Dishwasher.  She spent $900.  My Dad could have sold her the exact same model for $300 less.  But the family friend purchased the Dishwasher at Snowe's because they had free delivery.

Dad:  "Doris, our delivery fee is only $75."  (i.e.  she could have purchased the exact same dishwasher for $600 + $75 delivery fee = $675).

Family Friend:  "Yes. That's why I bought the dishwasher at Snowe's.  They had free delivery."

Dad:  "Well, when you buy another one I can sell it to you for $700 and give you free delivery."

Family Friend:  "No.  Because now you're just hiding the delivery fee in the price."

It would seem that some people get so focused on something that they can't see the whole picture.

By the way, I'm selling dishwashers for $5,000, but I offer free delivery.

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