Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gastroenteritis: Epilogue

A few folks have posted questions on my Facebook account regarding the Gastroenteritis post on 2/17/13.  Here is some additional data.
#1:  I was not touching the Triage nurse.  Nor was I making passes at her.  So I do believe that she hit the panic button by accident.
#2:  The reason the last nurse said, "We played a trick on you."  was because a) I never said I was in pain, b) I never asked for pain killers, and c) according to other medical sources, morphine slows down your digestive system.  Kindly review my symptoms to discover giving me morphine was a really good idea.

#3:  I don't remember exactly what the three prescriptions ware for.  I just remember that they were standard antibiotics and gastric medications.  No, they did not give me a prescription for morphine.
#3:  The 'simpler' food was a B.R.A.T. diet.  Bananas, Rice, Apple sauce, and Toast.  I didn't even want to eat anything else for three days.
#4:  The elderly woman on the stretcher was not dead (to the best of my knowledge).  She was in full view of everyone in the E.R. and her body was not covered.  I suspect I was released that morning partially because they needed the room for her.
#5:  The prayer I made on behalf of the elderly woman and her friend was in earnest and not as casual an event as the original post suggests.  My illness could have been contageous and so offering any help could have made matters worse.  This was the first time I completely came to grips with understanding that walking away was the only option and leaving the suffering for God to handle.

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