Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cultural Differences

A few weeks ago, a middle-aged woman from another culture drops into Conn's looking to make a good deal on a Refrigerator.  My Dad shows her a great deal for $750 on Refregerator ABC.  She however, insisted on getting a better deal.  She wanted him to take $50 off the price.

Sadly, my Dad could not go any lower on the price and so the mystery woman left the store.

TWO DAYS LATER:  The woman returned with her son.  The young man (approx. 22 years old) was born and reared in America, so he's familiar with both his Mother's Home Culture and American Culture.

While the Mother waited about 30 feet away, my Dad again explained that he could not go lower on the price.  The poor man looked back toward his Mom and the looked back at Dad saying, "You don't understand.  I can't leave here without making a deal."

It was at this point that my Dad began to actually understand what was going on. 

"Well, I can get you $85 off this XYZ Refrigerator.  But it will still be $350 more expensive than the ABC Refrigerator."

"I'll take it." said the young man.

And the Woman spent $350 more than she had to.  But she was happy, because her son had made a deal.

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