Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Bleeping Bleep Report (Ep. 16)

The Bleeping Bleep Report
for Hell's Kitchen - Episode 16
first aired on Thursday, June 13, 2013

This was a quick episode.

Chef Gordon Ramsay:  19
Susan:  0
Zach:  4
Cyndi:  7
Jon:  9
Mary:  0
Ja'nel:  4
Unknown:  1
Total:  44
That is an average of 1.05 bleeps per minute or one bleep every 57.3 seconds based on an air time of 42 minutes.  As expected, when we get down to the last 6 or 7 contestants, the bleep count goes way down.

But that's OK, because we'll begin to focus more on the contest in the next 4 shows.

Susan and Zach were both up for elimination.  They have both had their own share of blunders this season.  However, Zach has continued to fumble while Susan has significantly improved; so Zach was eliminated from competition. 

Farewell Zach.  You are a strong (albeit not elite) chef.  You will do well.

Chef Ramsay gave Susan some encouragement saying that she will easily find an excellent job in any restaurant if she is eliminated.  This tells me what I've long suspected:  Even if you don't win in Hell's Kitchen, the exposure it provides can push your career forward.

Have a great night.

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