Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Bleeping Bleep Report (Ep. 15)

The Bleeping Bleep Report
for Hell's Kitchen - Episode 15
first aired on Thursday, June 06, 2013

We are (unofficially) picking up from last week.  This is part two of a two part episode.  But it will be scored separately.

Chef Gordon Ramsay:  24
Susan:  0
Zach:  10
Anthony:  4
Cyndi:  2
Jon:  14
Mary:  0
Ja'nel:  2
Unknown:  2
Total:  58
That is an average of 1.38 bleeps per minute or one bleep every 43.4 seconds based on an air time of 42 minutes.  Yep, Nedra's absence has been noticed.  Even Chef Ramsay's bleeps are down.

Special note:  One of the Unknown bleeps belongs to a Dining Customer.

The Blue Team (a.k.a. the Men's Team) blew it again.  I've seen the Women's Teams dominate in past seasons.  But this year's mismatch has me wondering if the Contest Sponsors and Coordinators have a preference for the fairer sex.

Anthony and Zach went up for elimination.  Zach is the better Cook/Chef, but Anthony has the better attitude.  Which one will stay?  Which one will go?

For Chef Ramsay, this is not a hard decision.  He has always stood by the better Cook.  And he did so again today.

Anthony was eliminated from competition.  Farewell young man.  This was the first episode this season where Chef Ramsay gave an encouraging word to the evicted contestant.  That is worth something.

To fill the gap in the men's team, Ja'nel was moved from the Red to the Blue Team.

Previews for next week imply that Ja'nel sabotages the two remaining men and that there is a fire in the Blue Team's kitchen.

We'll know more next week.

Until then, Bleep off.


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