Monday, January 28, 2013

Three Dramatic T-Shirts

We've all seen thought-provoking t-shirts.  Here are three shirts I cannot forget.  in no particular order:

#1  The Adolf Hitler World Tour T-Shirt.

Bear with me please.  The title of this spoof of "Rock-and-Roll" t-shirts is not for the faint-of-heart nor for the easily-offended.  The back of the T-shirt lists all of the capital cities of all the nations that NAZI Germany either conquered, abosrbed, or fought in WWII.  Beside each city's name is the date that nation was conquered.

But, if the nation was not conquered, then the word "Cancelled" was plastered over the conquer date.  So, part of the list read:

Paris:  May 24, 1940
London:  Cancelled
Moscow: Cancelled
Washington, DC:  Cancelled

Yes, I laughed out loud.

#2:  Southeast Asia Wargames t-shirt

This t-shirt had a map of Southeast Asia on the back.  Most of China, and all of Japan, North & South Korea, and Vietnam were visible on the map.  There was a large Red Ribbon metaphorically pinned on the map with the phrase:

Southeast Asia Wargames.
1948 to 1974.
United States.
Second Place.

No.  I did not laugh.  Not at all.

#3:  The Trainer's t-shirt

This one made me laugh for days; mainly because of my past work as a trainer at various companies.

There was a large, distorted face on the front of the shirt with the hands on the cheeks ala "The Scream".

Underneath the face was the quote in all caps:  "OH NO!!!   YOU DID IT JUST LIKE I TOLD YOU TO!!!"

Here's hoping you have a few memorable t-shirts out there.

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